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Eco solvent printable heat transfer vinyl roll surface with protective vinyl

Eco solvent printable heat transfer vinyl roll is not unfamiliar to everyone. The surface of light eco solvent printable heat transfer vinyl roll has a transparent protective vinyl.
Before transferring, pay attention to tear off the protective film of the printable heat transfer vinyl roll. This type of printing paper has excellent printing and dyeing properties, so there is also a special protective vinyl for protection. During the thermal transfer process, it is recommended that you use this kind of professional eco-solvent paper to have a better thermal transfer processing effect. Many transfer printings are not deformed by high-temperature hot stamping, and this processing method also has better protection. Can bring printing hot dyeing effect without degumming.

The printable heat transfer vinyl does not fade, and it can also have a good protection when performing thermal transfer at a high temperature. Why do you need to choose such easy cut materials for heat transfer printing? It is to save processing time and ensure the convenience of processing, so that you can make large quantities of products. And with such a solvent processing process, it can also save more machine wear and ensure the processing results. These are all very suitable for product design. Can give a good transfer effect.

In the thermal transfer printing process, a large-area pattern is printed at the same time, so that the thermal transfer efficiency is better. But also can guarantee the precision of printing of the pattern, will not influence the quality of the printed product.

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